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Curio and http client


I am fairly new in the world of async, and I was reading about asyncio before coming across curio and deciding to use it.

My goal is to create a small app that web scrape specific URLs every n seconds, and of course write the result into a db. Previously, I used threads and threads timeout before someone in #python@freenode suggested to use asyncio.

Curio looks very promising and neat, but what is the best way to scrape? using sockets like the docs say? can I use something like aiohttp or request?


aiohttp and request are not designed to work with curio (the former is designed for asyncio, the latter isn’t asynchronous). If you want to make HTTP requests your best option might be to use h11 and/or hyper-h2 with curio.


A friend of mine has made asks, and it provides an API that is very similar to requests but async.