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Giving up Twitter for awhile


As I realize that I am totally disorganized and behind on a whole series of more important projects, I’m giving up Twitter for the time being. I have no further thoughts about it other than to say if you want to talk with me, feel free to post something here on the forum (you should be able to use your GitHub signin).


I took a Twitter diet earlier this year (no Twitter at all for a few months). It was very good for my stress levels, as Twitter seems to exacerbate, if not create, stressful situations. Even if I am a little on edge because I didn’t get enough sleep or am hungry, something on Twitter would make it worse.

But I did end up missing the positive things. Mostly the interesting information from the (regrettably few) accounts that regularly post it, and the good jokes accounts. Coming back to Twitter, I found two features that are helpful. One is Twitter lists. These let you group tweets from only a subset of people. So for instance I can have a list only for humor accounts or another list just for math stuff. This helps with FOMO because you can go without reading every tweet on your timeline or even go a day without looking at Twitter at all but still feel like you’re reading everything from the most interesting people (and you can make lists private).

Another is mute filters. This lets you mute words from your timeline. It’s not 100% effective because people refer to things without naming them, but it’s pretty effective. I’ve managed to clear most politics from my timeline. It’s better than straight-up unfollowing someone, because of only 10% of their tweets.

Unfortunately, the two features currently don’t work together. Lists ignore your mute filters.


I’ll be back on Twitter later I think. My main reason for taking a break is that I found myself wasting far too much time on it and getting too far behind on a bunch of projects I need to be working on. Basically, I need to refocus and get some actual stuff done ;-).