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Need suggestions about curio related things


Hello, i’m still learning to grasp how curio working under the hood.
I’m trying to builds something similar to daphne interfaces server, at http://github.com/django/daphne,
but i’m need some suggestions how i design and build the basic things.

I’m planning this need aware of sans io implementation, http://sans-io.readthedocs.io, so, i’m thinking of
using h11 https://github.com/njsmith/h11 for http 1.0/1.1 related and wsproto https://github.com/jeamland/wsproto for handling websocket related.
and for the basic, i want to use curio to back up the real implementation …

How your suggestion about this ?
Thanks for help


The honest answer—I don’t know the best way to structure this code. My guess is that if you’re aiming for the Sans I/O approach, you’ll want to follow the general style of what’s happening in h11 and the hyper-h2 libraries. The approach I’ve taken so far on things is to have objects that accept a feed of data, but which raise exceptions or signal some kind of error when more data is needed. Much of the code ends up being kind of similar to non-blocking I/O itself.

There also might be some interesting ways to use Curio queues as a communication mechanism (i.e., have all of the I/O bits handled by Curio, but hand data off to other code via some kind of queuing API).