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Python Essential Reference, 5th Edition

Re-opening this thread: How is progress coming on the Fifth Edition? My earlier offer to read through the manuscript still stands!

Not much of an update to report at this time. Sorry.

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Hi,Dave,Still looking forward to your book,because I learnt so much from <python cookbook 3rd> and <python essentional reference 4th>,keep going!!!

So looking forward to the release of this book

I’m so looking forward to the idea of it actually being written ;-). Hmmm. Suffice to say, it’s a bit behind schedule. Maybe in late 2019 though.

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Just wanted to thank you for working to keep this fantastic work up to date. I have recommended it to many colleagues, and consider it the best way to go from “zero” to a competent, idiomatic Python developer. I eagerly anticipate your approach to explaining some of the new, advanced Python features, such as asyncio.

Despite being an asyncio user for a while, I still do not fully grasp it, if your book contained a complete chapter on asyncio with full details enough to master the topic, I will be very thankful :slight_smile:

I just realized that there is no index entry for string methods – neither on its own (“String Methods”) nor a subindex entry under Strings. The forth edition is not unique in this; the documentation on the python.org web site does not have an entry for this either. Please consider adding this small item(s) to improve the already fantastic index even further. Thanks!

Is there any update on the status of the book? I am very interested in learning Python thoroughly and I would love to use this book as a starting point.

The book is about 80% written and in review. Publication is not likely until later in 2020 however.

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Eagerly awaiting. I will pre-order a copy. :slight_smile:

Amazon tells me it’s up for pre-order with a release date in Spetember 2020: https://www.amazon.com/Python-Essential-Reference-Developers-Library/dp/0134173279

That is very likely the earliest possible release date. It has been difficult for me to make the progress I need to. Python is no longer very easy to write about either.

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Waiting for the book eagerly .Thanks for working this.!

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Dear David, any update on this new book? I am eagerly waiting for it and would like to buy an early release version if available. Thanks a lot.

No update. I’ve been working on it, but have suffered one setback after another lately. Broken wrist in December. Now COVID-19. So, no idea on completion date.

Oh sorry to hear that. Take care!

Dear David, any update on this new edition? Is still September the estimated release date?

Kind regards,


There is no update on this project. Definitely not published in 2020. Sorry.

Sorry to hear about the wrist.
The 4th edition is on my desk and is really excellent so thank you. The 5th addition is on pre-order at Amazon and will stay there until you have time to finish it :smile: No rush - just as you have the capacity!