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Status of Python Essential Reference, Fifth Edition


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Not sure I completely understand, but the current status of the Python Essential Reference is that I haven’t really started the update yet. I’ve mainly been working on other material (e.g., the LiveLessons video that just came out and some other things). It will all start coming together soon though.


Ah, my apologies. From some tweets a while back, I thought you had started but had set it aside.

FWIW, it really is the best printed “working reference” for Python that I have seen. It will be better, of course, when you bring it up to date on asyncio and friends, but for those of us who prefer a quick paper reference instead of plowing through the web pages, this book is still tops.


Oh, a new edition is definitely going to happen. Writing a book is a major undertaking though so I need to block out time for it and do some planning to make it happen. I’d say a lot of my current projects (e.g., curio) are serving as research for the book though.

The main complexity is that I don’t expect the next edition to merely be a minor update of the last edition. Major parts will likely be rewritten and updated to reflect new things in Python 3. I’ll probably drop a bunch of old topics as well, including anything specifically related to Python 2.


Totally understand. Also, I’m quite happy that you’re dropping anything specific to Python 2: it will make the book easier to read. Folks who want to have “2 & 3” can buy a used copy of the fourth edition. :slight_smile:

I look forward to how you deal with multiprocessing vs. asyncio, particularly given your view of the GIL. There’s nothing wrong with opinionated programming references!