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What to do with old blogger posts?


Lately I’ve been thinking about what to do with some of my old Blogger posts–especially ones related to coding. I haven’t posted on Blogger in ages. I consider it something that’s likely to go away at any moment. Maybe I should move the old posts here.

This seems to be a general problem–that of managing one’s “digital world” if you will. If anything, I’ve been moving in the direction of consolidating almost all of it entirely to self-hosted services. For example, this Discourse discussion board is something I pay for. I do it mainly to have control and for it to be free of advertising, malware, hidden tracking, and other crap. Whether that’s a good idea or not, I don’t know.


Not sure what you intend to convert to - I recall you favor (and got me using) asciidoc. Somebody needs to rewrite the asciidoctor into python3.6 (and no, I’m not interested).

I remember doing something like this once - a while ago, so I piddled around: h-yes, Nikola static site generator imports blogger posts (or dumps) - but you get and post html. yick.

Yes, there’s a blogger python api. Meh.

Then I spotted this little rat-fink gist - it’s 4 (!) years old, but the site it uses to try to munge html into python alone is enough of a chuckle to share here. — Hehehe…

There’s nothing useful here - just go back to what you were doing…


I’ve actually thought I might just convert them to posts on the forum here. That way people could still comment on them if they wanted.


…then have a look at the gist - its old, but maybe. Otherwise, the blogger python api looked pretty simple as far as grabbing the content and existing comments. Blogger is notorious for including html markup, but you could write a sly tutorial on how to parse that :wink:


I strugle with representing on wire message format that have nested variable length structs, so it would be great to see some more comments on http://dabeaz.blogspot.rs/2009/08/python-binary-io-handling.html